JCI RISE VIP Congress Program

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JCI World Debating Championship (SPANISH)


JCI RISE VIP Congress Program

JCI World Debating Championship (FRENCH)

Masayoshi Son

“Information Revolution × World Peace”

Masayoshi Son
Chairman & CEO
SoftBank Group Corp.
Mr. Son will share his thoughts on Information Revolution × World Peace, a theme that combine’s SoftBank’s corporate philosophy Information Revolution – Happiness for everyone and JCI’s vision on a permanent and everlasting world peace.
(Please note that the topic is subject to change.)

Hello! Innovative World!!

The Masason Foundation
Several students who are part of the Masason Foundation or overseas organizations that develop young competent talents.

KANAGAWA DENTAL UNIVERSITY specially appointed professor Koji Hanada

professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo Takeshi Yoro
Young talents from the Masason Foundation, a foundation that supports young global talents with high aspirations and exceptional talents, and also overseas organizations will make pitch presentations on their current activities and the kind of world they would like to create.
デイビッド・ロックフェラー・ジュニア,井植 美奈子

Fish stock decreasing in the oceans? How to sustain oceans right now.

・Rockefeller Capital Management Director
 Mr. David Rockefeller Jr.

・Sailors for the Sea Japan
 Ms. Minako Iue
[Mr. David Rockefeller Jr.] In addition to the decrease in fishermen’s income, decrease in fishery companies’ profits, and the depletion of resources, factors such as inappropriate or inefficient management of fishery, excessive fishing, marine pollution, and global warming are putting the fishery industry in a critical situation. Further, the recent COVID-19 pandemic is adding another layer of issues, and the challenges of the industry will most likely be long-term. In light of the situation, Mr. Rockefeller will share about activities by the Rockefeller Foundation, which has been driving efforts for the development of sustainable fishery, with a focus on latest information and in reference to the SDGs.

[Ms. Minako Iue] Ms. Iue will introduce the Sailors of the Sea Japan's proposals on government policies and awareness-raising activities for citizens, which the organization engages in as part of marine environment protection activities, and help further the audience's understanding of marin protection. Specifically, we will hear about especially the following three programs: 1. the publishing of the Blue Seafood Guide and awareness-raising activities on sustainable consumption of marine resources, 2. setting environmental protection standards for marine sports and reducing plastic garbage by operating the Clean Regattas program, 3. educating children on the ocean through the KELP program. We will also hear about the future of the organization’s activities, in light of recent global developments.


JCI RISE VIP Congress Program

Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture

ME-BYO in the "with COVID-19" age

Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture
Currently Kanagawa Prefecture is focusing on ME-BYO. ME-BYO does not distinguish physical and mental conditions to be either in a “healthy state” or an “ill state” only. It regards that the mind and body constantly change within the spectrum of healthy and ill states and encompasses the process of these changes. Transforming notions from “receiving treatment after one becomes ill” to “developing a body that is less susceptible to illnesses” contributes to sustainability. This concept will be communicated to the world through keynote speeches and talk sessions.
Mr. Robert Brian Campbell, Ms. Mariko Bando, Ms. Akiko Horie

Innovation in unconscious bias
- Moving forward in a gender-equal manner -

Mr. Robert Brian Campbell
Japanese literature researcher

Ms. Mariko Bando
Chancellor/Chairperson of the board Showa Women’s University

Ms. Akiko Horie and others
Corporate Officer at Accenture Japan Ltd.

Mr. Walker Jacob Scott Ms. Pedersini Camilla, Ishikawa Gakuen Yokohama Design College
In order to resolve discomforting feelings experienced when driving gender equality, SDG's Goal 5, one needs to become aware of unconscious biases and work to change mindsets. This will be a good opportunity to innovate any unconscious biases and take a step forward for gender equality.
ÜSA from EXILE, Tokuhisa Okamura

Dance With Us

Tokuhisa Okamura, Executive Vice Presedent, JCI Japan
EXILE's ÜSA started the individual project, Dance Earth, and connecting people worldwide through dance based on the theme, "Dance is a universal language". While furthering the possibility of dance, he has been actively promoting SDGs. Through a dialogue with Tokuhisa Okamura, JCI Japan's Executive Vice President, he will share his thoughts on the importance of SDGs going forward and the future of his partnership with JCI Japan.
Shigetaka Komori

VALUE FROM IN NOVATION, For the World’s People
-Never Stop to Create Positive Change-

Shigetaka Komori
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation
FUJIFILM has successfully transformed its company, from one that focuses on mainly imaging solutions to multi-industry firm that operates a broad range of businesses, including healthcare. Mr. Komori will share on FUJIFILM’s challenging spirit and its corporate philosophy, which positions contributing to the resolution of social issues through business at the core of its corporate management.

Global Village

JCI World Debating Championship (ENGLISH)


JCI RISE VIP Congress Program


One on One Workshop
Happy × Arigato

Eiji Han Shimizu
Media producer
We recommend that you participate in this program at ZOOM.
MEETINGID: 821 3678 2181

In this program, media producer Han Eiji Shimizu will be the facilitator, and we will seek hints to make us happy by gratitude for things, objects, and people that are commonplace now.Let us take the first step so that people all over the world can feel "connection" and create "courage" by communicating their feelings to the people who actually want to thank them and chaining happiness and gratitude.

Impact of Innovative Action!

<Section 1>
Yokohama Style Living Lab – Pioneering a Local Circulatory Economy in the Post-COVID-19 Age

Masayuki Sekiguchi, Subsection Chief in Charge, Co-Creation Promotion Section
Co-Creation Promotion Office, Policy Bureau, City of Yokohama
Hiroki Sugiura, Representative,Yokohama Community Design Lab

Taro Takashima, Chairperson,Memorial Project and Community Development Committee, 2020 JCI World Congress Yokohama, JCI Yokohama

<Section 2>
Action for making people Feel Positive by Junior Chamber International Japan Panelists

Kazuyuki Kumekawa, CEO, Wabiya Inc.
Hiroki Takeyama, Vice President for District of the Tohoku District Council, JCI Japan.

Junichi Komata, Executive Vice Director, 2020 JCI World Congress Yokohama, JCI Yokohama
From Yokohama to the Future A New Step
The global spread of the COVID-19 pandemic has imparted immense losses on people’s lives, the international economy, school education and more.
In these circumstances, Junior Chamber International and other local groups are conducting positive activities geared to the future. Together with the Embassy of FRANCE IN JAPAN and City of Yokohama, we will stage an international forum for sharing examples of measures being taken in various countries to address COVID-19 and encouraging people around the world to adopt a positive attitude.
Jacques Attali, Kristina Yasuda, Haruna Kuraishi, Tomohiro Higuchi

To think about capitalism under
COVID-19 with next generation

Section 1 WEB Lecture
Jacques Attali

Section 2 Panel Discussion
Kristina Yasuda
Haruna Kuraishi
Tomohiro Higuchi

Sung Gi Choi Chairman UN SDGsPromotion Committee
The COVID-19 pandemic has raised major issues concerning global economy and capitalism. While corporate resilience is also am(GMT+9)in concern. First, Dr. Jacques Attali will give a lecture on the future of capitalism. Secondly, we will learn about necessary actions that should be taken by the companies & students who will lead the next generation. By doing so, we will construct a path towards a sustainable society.
Nobuyoshi Yamasaki, Aya Komaki, Yuriko Iida, Yuko Uchida

Business Innovation Forum

Nobuyoshi Yamasaki
Founder and CEO, TBM Co., Ltd.

Aya Komaki
CEO, Sanrio Entertainment Co.,Ltd.

Yuriko Iida

Yuko Uchida
Economic journalist and other speakers
Mr. Yamasaki and Ms. Iida will share how they advanced their businesses while incorporating the concept of CSV (creating shared value) and also generated a positive cycle among the environment, economy, and society—three elements that are key in achieving SDGs. In addition, other speakers will present new models that JCI can use to achieve the 2030 SDG goals through their activities.
Maki Nishiyama, Takashi Maeno, Eiji Han Shimizu, ACE, Jun Fujishima, Ryubun Kojima

Happy × April True

Maki Nishiyama
Model talent

Takashi Maeno
Keio University Graduate School Professor

Eiji Han Shimizu
motion picture Happy」motion picture producer


Jun Fujishima
Company manager・2020 JCI World Congress Yokohama adviser

Ryubun Kojima
2020 JCI EVP/JCI Osaka
To make the world a peaceful one, the people who live in it needs to be happy. People experience happiness when they are appreciated by others, needed by others, connected with others, or when they contribute to society and recognize self-growth. The session will leverage JCI’s worldwide network and make the day a happy one, full of loving smiles.


JCI World Public Speaking Championship (FINAL)

JCI Awards Ceremony featuring TOYP Honorees


JCI RISE VIP Congress Program

Hiromichi Mizuno, Osamu Shimizu, Akihiro Yasui

How SDGs×Finance will bring about resilience

Hiromichi Mizuno
Councilor of Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Osamu Shimizu
Assistant Director Sustainable Business Promotion Office Wholesale Supervisory Department of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

Akihiro Yasui
Circular economy researcher

Sung Gi Choi Chairman UN SDGsPromotion Committee
It is necessary to define the issues that small to medium-sized enterprises have so that we can overcome economic crisis such as COVID-19 that affect our society, communities and business. Although rare, we can discuss ways to take advantage of these situations & promote future growth. In this forum, we will talk about the issues from a financial point of view, which is closely related to the growth of SMEs.
Kazunari Taguchi Tokutaro Nakai Masafumi Ishida

SDGs Next Action

Shinjiro Koizumi
Minister of the Environment

Kazunari Taguchi
president of Borderless Japan

Masafumi Ishida
President of JCI Japan

Kenta Hoshino Chairman summer coference operating special committee
In order to create a sustainable society, it’s essential that people all over the world become aware of the earth’s environment. First, we will present a panel discussion regarding the world’s social agenda and resilience from a perspective of corporations, government and JC. Secondly, we will disseminate the partnership with the Ministry of the Environment to move forward with SDGs. Attendees will use it as a starting point to take action together.
Takuma Kinjo, Christel Takigawa

Starting from Zero: Japan’s potential

Takuma Kinjo
Christel Takigawa
Takuma Kinjo who wrote “unemployed person earned US$300-Million in Africa” will talk about international business, internationalism and development of human resources. Also, we will inform you how the international sector is thriving in business-to-business relations. In addition, we will present how to develop human resources to build a resilient and sustainable international community in the future. The facilitator is freelance announcer Christel Takigawa will stimulate our discussion
Masafumi Ishida Akira Nonami

Shaping our future

Yoshihide Suga
Prime Minister

Masafumi Ishida
President of JCI Japan

Akira Nonami
Next Year President of JCI Japan
We will talk about how to improve Japan’s resilience as a nation under COVID-19 pandemic, and JCI will deliver our opinions and the direction of future activities. Also, we will present how we transform our social and economic structure in a way that molds to the times and we will explain Japan’s growth strategy/a clear vison that will leads to economic revival.

Message from Mayor City of Yokohama

JCI Presidential Inauguration & Closing