To those who registered for the 2020 JCI World Congress Yokohama on C-vent

Thank you for registering to the 2020 JC I World Congress.
In addition to those who registered through means specific to JCI Japan members, those who registered on C-vent can also participate in sessions on-site.
As part of our anti-COVID-19 measures, we are limiting the number of on-site participants, and to prepare for potential incidents of infections, we ask participants to provide information that will allow us to trace and contact them.
To join sessions on-site, please make seat reservations, in either of the two ways below.
1. Make advanced seat reservations from the seat reservation page
For those who wish to join sessions on-site, please make seat reservations for respective session from the page below.
[Advanced seat reservation page] https://biz.q-pass.jp/f/3131/member_en
2. Make seat reservations on-site at the venue
If you were not able to reserve seats through the seat reservation page above, seat reservations can also be made at the venue.
In such case, we will first confirm that you have completed registrations for the 2020 JCI World Congress itself.
[How to validate your registration]
Please show on your smartphone the email sent from JCI Events (events@jci.cc) notifying the completion of your registration. Otherwise, print out the above email and bring it with you to the venue.
[Providing personal information]
For those who make seat reservations at the venue, we will ask that you fill in a form to provide consent to the fact that you will be held responsible for your own infection risks and that we will ask for your personal information, as well as to provide personal information that will enable us to trace your whereabouts in case infections occur, including your name, mobile phone number, and address.